Aromatic and monoterpene alcohol accumulation by Eremothecium ashbyi strains differing in riboflavinogenesis

E. F. SemenovaEmail authorA. I. ShpichkaE. V. Presnyakova

First Online: 16 May 2017

We examined the accumulation of phenylethanol, geraniol, citronellol, and nerol by Eremothecium ashbyi Guillermond 1935 strains characterized by different levels of riboflavin synthesis. There was a significant positive correlation between riboflavin and monoterpene alcohol biosyntheses (Spearman’s correlation coefficients = 0.81–1.00, p ≤ 0.05). Strain accumulation of the main secondary metabolites such as vitamin B2 and aroma forming compounds was found to be accompanied with an increase in the lipid droplet quantities and the vacuole filling with lipophilic compounds. These phenomena may be used as an indirect measure of riboflavinogenesis intensity and essential oil synthesis.

Eremothecium essential oil accumulation of phenethyl and monoterpene alcohols riboflavinogenesis

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